Countdown to Slappers 5th Birthday

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sleepy slapper

More photos from Turriff trip

All the members, except Minor (who was having a sex and drugs party at Major & Hammered's house) oops was I not supposed to say??

We may have hit the pub, once or twice

My Knight in shining armour, not much personality tho

No Posh I don't think the wee man is over excited with his new hat


Hungry Highland, Braemar

Oh to be beside the seaside, Pennan film set of "Local Hero"

our own hero

Trout pout?

Major bears all

Oh what fun we have hahahaha

Spot the ass?

No comment!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New additions to the club

We have some new additions to the family, Slappers have been shopping:

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kelso Bikefest 2007

Just back from Kelso and very tired and blessed with a mixture of sunburn and wet rot!

We got a dry run down, tents up then it started to rain Friday afternoon, unfortunately Flash did not join us till the evening and had the joy of putting his tent up in the rain.

Friday night was spent in the main hall listening and dancing to the bands "Deep Blue" and "Totally Obscene". Saturday, although no rain the skies looked black and we were also a little jaded from the previous night so decided not to go for a run, but went round the stalls and the show, then chummed up with our buddies from Caer Conan MCC (Doncaster) and Perthshire Ladies MCC who also go every year, the sun came out and so did the alcohol, we then waddled up to the town for a meal and then the Black Swan with the Caer Conan crew.

Sunday the sun was blazing, tents packed up by 12 noon and headed home on a another dry run.

Roll on next year!

Some piccies below:

The Caer Conan MCC boys

El Presidente (John)

Wasted, ................wasted!

Flash Sparrow

Say arrrh Major?

Is this the biggest tail pack ever?

Yes it does fit on the bike!


Total doing the birdie dance I think?

Some of the bikes

Minor caught in Total's tent!

Total a tad tipsy? Nice wellys though!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More TT Photos

Hammered ready for the off!!!

Watching the racing

Mad Sunday

That Flag gets everywhere!

Purple Helmets

The Slappers Chilling!